Surfboard Rarity Hits Museum

After almost fifty years a surfboard returns to its birthplace and becomes a museum exhibit

Arthur Pauli, the inventor of "Bavarian Riversurfing", which has long since developed from a Bavarian to an international water sport, built his first riversurfboard in 1965 as highschool student. Some longboards for ocean waves and more prototypes were to follow, until 1973 when Arthur Pauli, meanwhile Munich Technical Univerity graduate, launched his first small-scale production of compact custom-made Surfboards and Windsurfers. The boards sold quickly, and so Pauli kept on supplying the slowly growing number of Bavarian
and German surf addicts with his "Pauli" boards until around 1980.
Now, almost fifty years later, one of those rare pieces of early Bavarian Surfboard production with even the foam blanks molded by Pauli returned home to its birthplace. Owner and donator Klaus Dellian, allround-waterman and first Bavarian windsurfing champion, had kept it in astonishingly good condition. Arthur Pauli had to apply only a few repairs to make it fit for the water again but retain it as original as possible.

The local museum, constantly looking for particular pieces of the town history, was interested to take it into its collection. Representing one of first Surfboards made in Germany and notably made in the town of Trostberg this board is planned to become a permanent attraction to future visitors and will be exhibitted soon.

This still operational Surfboard of 1973 is handed over to Stephanie Steiner, director of the Trostberg Town Museum by Bavarian Riversurfing pioneer and Germany's first surfboardmaker Dipl.Ing. Arthur Pauli. (Text/Fotos: A+E/Elisabeth Pauli)
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